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This is What We Choose

As a specialist and a well-respected, Yes VCS INDIA comprehends the difference between following benchmarks and setting them. Therefore, we do all that it takes to be ahead of the curve. We understand the technology that is needed today, in order to address the requirements of tomorrow. We know the significance of seamlessly integrating the present and the future. We know, hence we believe that innovation is the key that can make it happen and open endless possibilities. We believe, hence we choose to be presently futuristic

This is Who We Are

Vision : To be the preferred partner, by leveraging our qualities such as complete reliability, innovation and application of state-of-the-art technology, and to harness this goodwill, to emerge as a significant global player.

Mission : To deliver the highest quality of ice cream machine, across sectors, to a varied clientele. Yes VCS INDIA would effectuate this by adopting global best practices, investing in R&D, building a highly qualified talent pool and by delivering 'products of trust' across the processing and packaging value chain

Looking Back and Ahead

Under the leadership of Mr. Hasmukh Gajjar, an insightful technocrat and businessman, in the year 2001, Yes VCS INDIA started production of ice cream making equipments in a low key way. With a small factory near Baroda Express Highway, Ahmedabad. Yes VCS INDIA had put its first ever line of machines in the market and gradually they started getting recognition in the local and global market.

With the right attitude, right quality and right pricing; the company grown multifold and in the short span of 6 years, the company had to shift its plant to a bigger location to meet the demand and established state of art factory with international standards.

Apart from winning the local market, Yes VCS INDIA is capturing the international market also. It exports in countries like Kuwait, Middle Eastern & African countries, Sri lanka and have its distributors in Australia, & Israel. Germany, Russia.

Ready in Every Sense

They are supplemented with an administrative and marketing block replete with all facilities to help govern routine administration, co-ordination, marketing and sales & services activities. Our powerhouse of innovation - the R&D section works hand in glove with our Fabrication and Machine Shop which is augmented with all modern machines and process methodologies to bring our innovations to life.

Trusted Now and Forever

Yes VCS INDIA'S success and reputation is built on the bedrock of customer centricity. This has been made possible due to its strong sales service, available round the clock, and technical know-how of qualified engineers.
We are a quality conscious company and have won our clientele's trust over years of proven longevity and optimal utility of our products.
We pursue the highest standards and stringency in our stage wise quality checks and have spread this culture of quality first deep into the fabric of all our operations